I’ll be starting 2019 off by teaching one of my favorite classes at The Writing Barn, “Breath Deep. Write Deep. Meditation for Writers with Busy Minds.” I love this class because it combines my two passions—meditation and writing.

Sit. Breathe. Write.

Meditation and writing compliment each other beautifully. Meditation is an act of deep listening, and writing is taking notes on what you hear. But what if all you hear is senseless chatter, nagging doubts, and critical voices? Keep listening! There’s a quiet beyond the noise. It’s in this quiet that stories are born.

This class will focus on learning how to write from the quiet. But first you have to find it. Meditation trains the mind to let go of distractions and return to the breath, over and over and again. It’s this act of letting go and returning to the present that settles the mind, connects us with our calm, and helps us hear our own voice. Now it’s time to write—to let go of the mind’s chatter and return to the page, over and over again, to express this voice with both clarity and insight.

Breathe Deep. Write Deep. Meditation for Writers with Busy Minds

When: January 13, 2019, from 1:00 – 6:00

Where: The Writing Barn, Austin, TX

What You Will Learn:

  • The basics of meditation, including what meditation is (and isn’t), proper posture, and how to establish a daily practice
  • How to let go of distractions during mediation and discover the “big sky” of your mind
  • How to return to this big sky while writing and use it as a source of inspiration, insight, and clarity
  • How to use mindfulness practices to face the particular challenges of being a writer, including criticism (both our own and that of others), self doubt, and pressures to be productive

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Writers with busy minds
  • Writers who are curious about meditation
  • Writers who want to learn new skills in order connect with their own creativity
  • Writers who want to improve how they deal with the unique stresses and insecurities of the writing life