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School Presentations

I spent ten years as an instructional designer and strive to create learning experiences that both inspire and educate. I hope to encourage children to love language, the world, and themselves. I believe that reading, writing, and “moodling” can help them do all three! I offer several presentations to choose from:

Journey to the Realm of Possibility

Paige takes students on an immersive group experience, teaching them how to enter the Realm of Possibility by “moodling” together on a fanciful story idea. But she soon announces that Chronos has taken over the Realm and moodling is now illegal! Students must find a cure for their Worry Warts, pass through the Shadow of Doubt, and take a daring Flight of Fancy if they ever want to moodle again. By making their own journey through The Lost Track of Time, participants learn how to use their creativity and intelligence to restore the Realm of Possibility all around them.

Grades 3-6

How to be a Great Moodler

In this hands-on creative writing workshop, each student receives a “ticket” to the Realm of Possibility—a blank piece of paper. To redeem their ticket, everyone must write down one idea of what the world would be like if anything was possible. Next, Paige teaches students how to turn their ideas into a story by “moodling,” which involves quieting the mind, watching it wander, and taking notes along the way. This workshop inspires confidence and encourages creativity as students follow their hunches to discover remote possibilities in the far reaches of their own mind.

Grades 3-12

Where do books come from?

This interactive multimedia presentation demonstrates how Paige went from scribbling ideas on scraps of paper to writing novels for a living. She shares how she gets her inspiration, shows students her “moodle” notebooks, and even reads a story she wrote in third grade. She also tells personal stories about growing up in a small Texas town, inspiring teachers who encouraged her to write, and what it was like working with an editor in New York City. The presentation includes lots of audience participation and a Q&A session.

Grades 3-12

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Conferences & Workshops

I love speaking with other writers! And when I say “writers,” I mean anybody who wants to express themselves through the written word. I know what it’s like to show up to a blank computer screen day after day . . . year after year . . . and wonder how to say what you want to say and whether it matters if you do. The answer is, Yes! I have several classes and workshops that express that “Yes!” in different ways. Here are a few:



Writing with a Lump in Your Throat

Robert Frost once said, “A poem begins with a lump in the throat . . .” So does a story. I began writing because I had something stuck inside me that wanted to get out. By telling the personal story behind The Lost Track of Time, I hope to inspire other writers to take their own “lump” and shape it from something hard and unmoving to something alive and on the page.

How to Be a Great Moodler

Moodling isn’t just for kids. Author Brenda Ueland says, “. . . the imagination needs moodling,—long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.” Of course it does! Moodling teaches us how to switch gears from being merely productive to being truly creative. From making stories up, to discovering them inside us all along.


Writing from the Quiet

As a meditation instructor, I love to teach writers how sitting and writing go together. Sitting meditation teaches you how to work with distractions (both internal and external), connect with your true voice, and be courageous—on paper and in life!

“Everyone is talented, original and has something important to say.”

–Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write

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Note: If you’re looking for information on how to plan a successful school visit, this article from Scholastic Press covers everything you need, from planning to fundraising to tips for the big day.